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For lapels we have chosen notched rather than the more flashy peaked design. The front fastening is two buttons, de rigueur for modern suit jackets (remember to only ever fasten the top button though). The shoulders have a slight softness in their shape, somewhere between a classic and casual Italian cut and a traditional British one. For a touch of added detailing, the lapels are finished with a fine pick stitch. 

Just because this is a 'sensible' suit doesn't mean it's stuffy to wear. The 100% merino wool was chosen for all-day comfort, and it's fully lined in navy soft blend with a piano-facing lining (named for the effect of the lining curving around the internal pockets like the curve of a grand piano). The wool features a birdseye pattern, a small-scale weave that is not obvious at first glance but adds a touch more texture to the cloth. 

Matching trousers are available to complete the look.

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